You’ve probably heard about the next person whom I shall shortly introduce you to. With almost close to 20k likes & followers on her Facebook page and currently ranked #2 in the 2017 Goth Queen contest held by World Gothic Models, she is quite popular! And luckily for me, she graciously accepted this interview. Ladies & Gentlemen, I am proud to introduce Zoie Campbell AKA The Black Metal Barbie

The Black Metal Barbie

Luny: Please state your name (or modeling name if you worry about privacy issues), and location. (country is fine)

The Black Metal Barbie: Hi! My name is Zoie or The Black Metal Barbie 🙂 I’m from the United States.

Luny: What got you started in the world of modeling and has the journey been difficult?

The Black Metal Barbie: When I was very young, maybe 5, I saw a gothic girl and I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. From that day forward, I strived to understand what her world was and if I could ever be like that girl. I started modeling at 14, which was difficult because daddy was a preacher. Lol. He had a hard time giving his teen-aged daughter any freedom for the sake of his overprotective nature, which I understand now, but it was hard to get past things like this with him. I only had one or two photo shoots as a minor and then at the age of 18, I was free to do as I pleased and I worked to buy myself a wardrobe suitable for modeling. I wouldn’t call myself professional, but I definitely have gained experience over time. 🙂 It wasn’t a hard road to get started, but priorities really begin to change after you have a family.

Luny: I read that you are a singer as well. What are some of your favorite songs to sing and why?

The Black Metal Barbie: Yes! I do sing- mostly things like Kamelot and Epica for fun, but I write a lot of my own music. I just haven’t gotten the chance to share it with the world just yet! I love to sing because it is my greatest passion in life, more so than modeling. I can’t really put it in words. It is like when you listen to that certain band or that certain song that gives you chills down your spine. You just feel it.

The Black Metal Barbie

Luny: Would people outside the modeling and gothic community view you differently and if so, why?

The Black Metal Barbie: Yes, they absolutely would. People who know me personally understand that I am not this exotic front page girl. They understand that I am a mother with a bright personality and many passions and a life outside of the modeling world. Even my photographers know this! People within the gothic community might even consider me to be fake just because I wouldn’t put on my makeup everyday or paint my walls black or something. Everyone has their own opinions about me, but they really don’t matter. I have bigger worries than if people consider my goth/modeling status ‘legit’ enough, haha!

Luny: What has been the most harsh criticism you have had to deal with, and has it connected to some point, so as you could benefit and grow from it?

The Black Metal Barbie: I think that the harshest criticism that I get would be… That I am too versatile. People want to see me stick just to all black clothing and makeup when really I’d like to reach out to different audiences. But I guess it doesn’t really work for me like it does other girls. So in a way it has helped me to understand where I should focus on, but I haven’t really taken it into my own hands to stick to that certain look just yet. I still want to keep trying different styles inside of the gothic and alternative spectrum, just to see what clicks with me for a little while longer- and if it never does, then yes. It will help me benefit and grow when I decide to take that advice into my own hands. It is just me being stubborn at the moment! Haha.

The Black Metal Barbie

Luny: Who or what would you give the biggest praise for your modeling celeb status and support of you and your profession?

The Black Metal Barbie: I definitely wouldn’t say I have a celeb status! Haha. but I would say the biggest praise I could give would go towards my photographers. I couldn’t do this without them. I have to different photographers (Luke Guinn Photography and Rose Gold Portraits) and they are both creative in their own ways. Luke Guinn Photography sees color schemes and quality in his photos, exceptional quality! He always manages to get really great straight on shots of me too! Rose Gold Portraits will always get wild with me and shoot in a thousand different angles in a thousand different ways- she is definitely an artist! Then I have to thank my family for helping me have an hour or two to get my photo shoots done. Without this support, I couldn’t have a chance! (I have two babies and a house to take care of.)

Luny: I see you are also an avid youtuber and makeup enthusiast. Did youtube come first followed by makeup tutorials or what? How did you break into the youtube and modeling scene?

The Black Metal Barbie: Well, I started on youtube with music actually, but it is on a separate channel under my legal name rather than my modeling name. I’d rather be known as a musician by my true name. For some reason, the modeling world likes to get strange with the names… Haha. (In a good way!) But then I created my second channel for makeup tutorials and to showcase different looks of mine that I model during my photo shoots. Almost like a short clip of a lookbook. But youtube was just a hope that I’d make a living there so then I turned to strictly modeling. I hope that one day one of my platforms will help me earn enough to support my family some day. Breaking into the modeling scene was as simple as having supporting photographers in my area and having concept and the right way to post it organically on my social media!

The Black Metal Barbie

Luny: What are some of your favorite outfits and can you give us a taste of whats to come in the future, as far as outfits, scene shoots, makeup etc goes?

The Black Metal Barbie: Oooh, some of my favorite outfits… I think my favorite version of goth is hard to describe. It is almost a taste of industrial mixed with nugoth and vampiric vibes. My favorite outfits to wear are long dresses, corsets and anything with straps, belts, leather or chains. Exotic stuff, but with some class. For the future, I’m working to push out the rest of the work that I have with many other collaborations. I’ll be choreographing my next modeling sets, so we will see how that goes! Since Halloween is just around the corner, I’ll definitely bring out some horror vibes and I have a photo shoot with my daughter lined up with one of the companies that sent us a gothic set of a onesie and witch dress! Then some candle lit photos to come. So many things, so little time! Just stay tuned 😉

Luny: What helps you the most, keep pushing forward and striving to do better, working on your own personal image and brand, staying positive?

The Black Metal Barbie: Easily, my family. I see other girls as inspiration as well and it makes me want to find my niche (whatever that might be) but the simple fact that I face is my children are under one income, and that income does not come from me. I love modeling and I would love to make a living doing what I love, I think that is everyone’s dream. I am naturally a positive person, but I am also realistic. I think that I would have never tried if I never stood a chance. And sometimes, I truly wonder if I do, but perhaps my time will come!

The Black Metal Barbie

Luny: Finally, is there anyone you’d like to give thanks to our any websites you’d like known?

The Black Metal Barbie: Well, I’d like to thank your own for taking this time to interview me! That is appreciated, I always enjoy filling out these questions. They are entertaining and give me a short break from cleaning the house when I’m not watching my babies, haha! And other websites, I think I’d like to thank The Gothic Shop, Atomic Jane Clothing, Orchard Corset, Dark In Love/Gothlolibeauty, Punkrave, Dark In Closet, Black Wolf Siren, Mystic Thread, Maria Heller Designs, Too Fast Clothing/ Rat Baby Clothing, Blue Banana, Kates Clothing, Necessary Evil, Ellie Shoes, Little Devil Creations, Burleska Corsets, Arrow Geek, Badinka!, Mystique.vp, Feshfen, Evahair, Heahair, Imstylewigs, Donalovehair, Ttdeye, ThePumpkinCoven, Opunks, and Ghoulish Girls all for collaborating with me. 🙂 I couldn’t do it without their help too!
Stay batty!


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