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We got our second interview! This time with a very captivating woman whom goes by the name of Snow Whitexx. Enjoy!

Luny: What is your name (or nickname if you prefer) age and location (doesn’t have to be exact)
Snow Whitexx: My nickname: Snow Whitexx. Location: Poland, Warsaw 🙂

Luny: What got you started in the world of gothic modeling and how long have you been in it?
Snow Whitexx: I’ve been into modeling for not a long time. My first photoshoot was when I was 17 but I’m doing it without any shame for a month maybe 😀 I think I just love this kind of style, and now I have finally funds for all of my ideas.

Luny: How have the responses from your friends and family been towards your model choices?
Snow Whitexx: My family doesn’t now I’m into modeling actually… My friends are very enthusiastic about it and support my work. I’m really grateful for that!


Luny: Is there one particular person you look up to in the scene? And if so, why?
Snow Whitexx: I look up to alternative models that already achieved something in this business. I really like Dayana Crunk, Dani Divine and Dita von Teese, who could be my mother but I just love her!

Luny: What are your favorite things to model in?
Snow Whitexx: Corsets and long lace dresses. I feel like a princess then ^^

Luny: Do you consider your modeling to ever interfere with work/school/ other activities or relationships?
Snow Whitexx: I try not to think about it! Since I moved to Warsaw to study, my schedule is very tight 🙁


Luny: What kind of person are you when you aren’t modeling. (hobbies, likes, dislikes etc)
Snow Whitexx: I’m fond of theatre and acting. I’m going for a hearing on Friday, so keep your fingers crossed 😉

Luny: If you could take a picture anywhere in the world, with anyone, where and with who would it be?
Snow Whitexx: I would take a picture as Maria Antonina, in a wig and a long XVIII-century dress in Versal! It’s my dream since I’m 17 or sth ^^


Luny: As people often get stereotyped for not looking the norm, have you ever found yourself judging someone else?
Snow Whitexx: I try not to, ever.

Luny: Finally, do you have any shoutouts you’d like to give or a website you’d like to plug?
Snow Whitexx: – my personal page. – second page, where I post some alternative stuff – make up, clothes and more 😀

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