Salem Rose Sovereign

It seems that the lovely Mistress Morte has found yet another talented person for me to interview. She’s really outdone herself this time! Salem Rose Soverign is someone who is able to create breath taking illusions and insanely inhuman like transformations by using her special skills as a makeup artist. She is also quite profound and adapt at tattoo design, logos and developing concept art among-st other things.

Onto the interview:

Salem Rose Sovereign:

Luny: Please tell everyone your name and where you are from.

Salem Rose Sovereign: I am Salem Rose Sovereign, and I’m a product of the Inland Northwestern United States but my artistry truly took flight in Spokane, WA.

Luny: What are your favorite styles of themes of makeup art to create?

Salem Rose Sovereign: I enjoy inspired looks – finding a concept or piece that speaks to me, and making an homage to it. I may make use of the colors in a scenic photograph, the lines and shapes from a comic book character, patterns from an iconic outfit in a movie, or even just the atmosphere of a given day. If I can condense my source of inspiration into a still image, then create an aesthetic for it, that’s what my art is all about.

Salem Rose Sovereign:

Luny: What are some of the worst brands of makeup you could use as a consumer and why?

Salem Rose Sovereign: There’s a lot of controversy around certain makeup brands for all sorts of issues – not being cruelty-free, being owned by an individual with questionable morals, debate over similar products possibly being copy-cats… But I have to be honest, I don’t pay attention to it. If a company is experiencing a PR nightmare, especially over abhorrent behavior that can’t be proven true or false, that’s not a name I want associated with my work – especially if the rumors in question are true. Besides, I can find a cheaper match to most expensive, popular products from brands I trust, so why spend the extra money and wonder where that money is going? I stick to low-price, cruelty-free, surprisingly high quality brands like Wet n Wild. All I can say to others is to do your research, check your sources before believing everything you read, and give smaller or cheaper brands a fair chance – they may become your new favorite!

Luny: I see you are also do work on tattoo designs, logos, concept art, and more. Do you have a favorite period of time or theme that influences your styles and designs?

Salem Rose Sovereign: Honestly, it depends on the project, but that’s part of why I love the present – we have so much material to look back on, and so much coming out with every passing moment, and we’re lucky enough to have more mediums with which to express how these speak to us than ever! We’re free to dip into new concepts at each turn; one need never limit themselves! This is a wonderful time to be an artist.

Salem Rose Sovereign
Luny: When it comes to doing graphic design, what software do you use the most and why?

Salem Rose Sovereign: I’m a bit old-fashioned, I’ll admit… I prefer older Photoshop programs. Especially CS2. I grew up with PCs and late 90’s – mid-00’s software, so I’m simply more comfortable with this format.

Luny: Who have been some of your favorite clients who have commissioned you for your work?

Salem Rose Sovereign: Each client has taught me something, both about myself and my art, but I really enjoyed my time with model Mistress Morte. She’s such a pleasant and friendly person to work with! I’d gladly have her back! Beyond that, I love doing stage makeup for performance troupes. Theater clients are so passionate and full of life, and will spend the entire session telling me about their work and what inspires them.

Salem Rose Sovereign
Luny: Do you think a person is born with artistic talent or can they learn?

Salem Rose Sovereign: Oh, absolutely both. Some people make the most soulful art by the time they leave elementary school, and some… Aren’t as fortunate. But, I once read a study that found that there is no such thing as being “tone-deaf”. It turns out anyone with a voice is capable of learning to sing on key, with guidance and practice. That tells me than anyone can learn to recognize good artistic foundations and apply them.

Luny: When your child grows up, do you plan on teaching them the tricks of the trade, so they can follow in her mothers footsteps?

Salem Rose Sovereign: If my daughter wants to learn about my artistry, she is absolutely welcome to. I would be proud to teach her everything I know! That is up to her, however, and I will support her interests regardless. For now, she’s only two but she loves makeup artistry. She’ll spend hours looking at pictures of beautiful makeup and body paint with me.

Luny: Aside from your professional work, what other sorts of things do you like doing?

Salem Rose Sovereign: Aside from my art, I’m not sure I’m all that interesting. I’m a stay-at-home mother of a child I’m lucky to have, so I enjoy spending time with my little family. My only real personal passions are all rooted in artistry of some sort – cooking and baking, singing and guitar… Unless you count being a giant nerd. I do research on biology, biochemistry, mental disorders, chemistry and outer space in my spare time, and I enjoy video games and table top pen-and-paper role playing games like Pathfinder.

Salem Rose Sovereign

Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you would like to say thanks to or a website you’d like to plug?

Salem Rose Sovereign: In truth, I wouldn’t have gotten the start that I did without the help of some of my most creative and talented friends. John Dick Photography took some of my first pictures and encouraged me to start promoting myself. Mikayla Daniels hired me for some of her early work and got me two Halloween slots on KHQ Local News two years in a row. I owe so much to everyone who has encouraged me and supported my work. I hope to make them proud.

If anyone would like to follow my artistry as it grows and progresses, I’m on Facebook at, or on Instagram at and make frequent posts to both pages.

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