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Up next for interview #4 we have the extraordinary Saffire Roxx. She has a very impressive set of photos and was hard to pick just 3 to show in this interview, but I finally managed. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!

Luny: What is your name (or nickname if you prefer) age and location (doesn’t have to be exact)
Saffire Roxx: I use the modelling name Saffire Roxx and a lot of people actually also know me as Saffire! I am based in West Yorkshire near Leeds.

Saffire Roxx1
Saffire Roxx1

Luny: What got you started in the world of gothic modeling and how long have you been in it?
Saffire Roxx: I had very low self-confidence in my early 20s and used to drink quite a lot, I was also in an abusive relationship. When I came out of that I had to do some serious work on myself to get to the level of self-confidence needed to do modelling. It started when a friend asked me to model some clothes for his small Ebay company and went from there.

Luny: How have the responses from your friends and family been towards your model choices?
Saffire Roxx: Unfortunately my family are quite religious and don’t agree with my choices, particularly my brother. I still get along with my parents but I don’t show them a lot of the images due to their beliefs! I haven’t let that stop me do what I want to do though. And all of my close friends have only had good things to say.

Saffire Roxx2
Saffire Roxx2

Luny: Is there one particular person you look up to in the scene? And if so, why?

Saffire Roxx: I am much more of a heavy metal music fan than of goth music, I do like some goth bands though and I adore gothic imagery. Despite the fact that I’m more of a metal fan, a large majority of my friends are actually from the goth scene because I find it simply quite a bit more open-minded than metal. Literally anything goes, which is why I love it.
So it’s kind of hard to say for the goth scene. I absolutely love the Sisters of Mercy though because I grew up listening to them.

Luny: What are your favorite things to model in and places to take pictures?
Saffire Roxx: Latex is always great fun, as is PVC. Anything shiny! I prefer location work rather than studio because I’m a big fan of nature, and you get to see quite a lot beautiful places that way.

Luny: Do you consider your modeling to ever interfere with work/school/ other activies or relationships?
Saffire Roxx: It certainly does, I’m answering this when I should be translating 😛 It can take up an enormous amount of time if you’re not careful, and often doesn’t pay very well. This is why it’s just a hobby for me.

Saffire Roxx3
Saffire Roxx3

Luny: What kind of person are you when you aren’t modeling. (hobbies, likes, dislikes etc)
Saffire Roxx: I work for myself as a translator and am self-taught bilingual German. I also love singing and have sung in several bands in the past. I’m currently learning bass. I’m very driven and always involved in several things at the same time!

Luny: If you could take a picture anywhere in the world, with anyone, where and with who would it be?
Saffire Roxx: What a question! With Paul Stanley from KISS at the Taj Mahal

Luny: As people often get stereotyped for not looking the norm, have you ever found yourself judging someone else?
Saffire Roxx: I think everyone has judged someone else at some point in their lives, I do consider myself open-minded and try not to though. I think if someone is an arsehole it’s ok to judge them as that!

Luny: Finally, do you have any shoutouts you’d like to give or a website you’d like to plug?
Saffire Roxx: Well, there is of course my facebook page
Otherwise I am happy to plug any of the great photographers I regularly work with like Lincs Alternative, Vapour Trail or Lost Chapter.

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