Poppy Ruth Silver

Poppy Ruth Silver is a writer, songwriter, and musician. I recently stumbled upon her on Facebook as I joined one of her groups and then asked if she had any special talents. Well, I wasn’t disappointed with the reply I got.
Currently she has one published book on Lulu.com entitled “Soon to Melt” and her lulu bio reads as:

Poppy Ruth Silver is a writer, musician and songwriter. She has released an album of spoken word poetry entitled “Welcome to Dajjal” and has released two albums with her band “Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Elements” in which she is the main vocalist. In addition to her love for the written and spoken word, she is a keen photographer and lover of nature.

Poppy Silver

Her musical talents can be found on reverbnation located at: https://www.reverbnation.com/orbitallyrearrangedmonatomicelements

And her official website is located at: http://poppysilver.weebly.com/

Pretty talented I’d say! Go check her out!

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