Obscure Raven

Baden-Württemberg, Germany is where our next model calls home and from reading about it online, it looks like a fantastic place to live. If I ever go to Germany, I’ll be sure to stop in there!

Obscure Raven is her name and she was happy to provide us with a little more information about herself and her modeling. Enjoy!

Obscure Raven

Luny: How did you ever come up with the name Obscure Raven?

Obscure Raven: Ravens are one of my favorite animals. They are black, grim and mystical. So having them as a part of my artist name was a clear thing. They are the perfect idol of „obscure“ which is what I want impersonate.

Luny: What can you be found doing on a daily basis? Walk us through your daily routine.

Obscure Raven: My day starts with a cup of hot coffee (no way around that 😉 ) after that I’m doing some sports to stay in shape and fit. Like almost everyone I need to work a few hours a day, but having the luck to be able to work in my dream job as a tattoo artist it very rarely feels like work. I’m giving the people a joy which, hopefully, lasts forever. Back at home I’m spending most of the time on Watching Netflix, playing games on my PC, thinking about upcoming shootings. But of course I also love to spend time with my boyfriend and our sweet and beautiful black cat.

Obscure Raven

Luny: Where does your inspiration for your photo-shoots come from and why?

Obscure Raven: I always wanted to make pictures, which have a message. In some cases Pictures are created spontaneously with the Ideas of the Photographers, but who follows me since a while knows I like to add lyrics to my pictures. They represent the song that inspired me for that shoot.

Luny: Have you had to deal with any crazy or rude fans, photographers, manufacturers etc yet? And if so, what happened?

Obscure Raven: No, not really. Of course there are few fans who want to get to know me better and very few fans that become a little importunate in that wish. But over all my experiences were very positive: Fans and photographers, I’m always having a lot of fun during the shootings and get positive and kind feedback.

Obscure Raven

Luny: What are a few things you’d like the world to be made aware of about you and the modeling community?

Obscure Raven: Starting to model changed my life and my self-attitude in a very positive way. In the past I was very restrained, strictly to myself and couldn’t find anything beautiful when I looked in a mirror. But this has changed, though I’ve never thought it would ever. I was – and often still am – very surprised how much people like my pictures.

There are so many wonderful and very popular models out there, and they all started small.
If you want to make pictures, believe in yourself and do it, no matter what people are telling you.

Luny: When you hear the word Gothic, what does it mean to you exactly?

Obscure Raven: I found into gothic at the age of 15, so almost half of my life and I can’t imagine living any other way.

I always wanted to be different, wanted to provoke. I don’t like the casual life, this whole society.
The music, the clothing, the melancholia of this culture, all this means Gothic to me. That’s why my shootings will always stay dark, everything else wouldn’t be me.

Obscure Raven

Luny: Do you have any secret talents or amazing abilities?

Obscure Raven: Creativity is one of my strengths, I’ve been drawing all my life, since a couple of years I’m tattooing (drawing on people ) and maybe you can count that as a talent.

Luny: Whats your favorite clothing designers and makeup manufacturers?

Obscure Raven: I don’t have an actual favorite, there are so many designers who make really nice stuff I love to wear.

Luny: What are your plans for the future and your modeling?

Obscure Raven: I don’t really make any big plans, Instead I like to see where this all leads me to. Of course I’ve thought about doing calendar shoots, and if there is the possibility and requests for it, why not. But my focus is to make more and better pictures and see what’s coming up.

Obscure Raven

Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say thank you to or a website url you’d like to mention?

Obscure Raven: First of all I would like to thank you, for the possibility of this interview.

Thanks to all the people who like me and my pictures so much, I would have never thought that. Thanks to all my photographers who so often spend their time to work with me and create so cool stuff.

Thank you guys from Gothic and Amazing and all the other Facebook pages who share my pictures.
Without you guys this would not be possible.

And last but not least a big thank you goes to my boyfriend, who’s always there for me and supports me wherever he can.

My Model page if you don’t know already:

My Page to see my work as tattoo artist:

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