Ashëly Morte

Our next interviewee is a new up and coming talent who is creating quite the fascinating and impressive portfolio as she descends more into finding herself in her work. She is both a model as well as a poet and at the end of the article, I will list her blog where she has a few poems written. But for now, I’m happy to introduce to you all: Ashëly Morte

Ashëly Morte

The interview:

Luny: What is your modeling name:
Ashëly Morte: Ashëly Morte

Luny: What got you started in the world of alternative/gothic modeling and how long have you been in it?

Ashëly Morte: I started up a deviantart account back in 2009 initially to showcase my photography. I realized I didn’t have many models to shoot in my podunk town so I learned how to utilize a self-timer. When I moved to a bigger city in 2012, I started modeling for local photographers. One of my good friends, John Dick, always wanted to push the envelope and do darker shoots, which is right up my alley. I’ve also worked with Enki Photography from Oregon, his alternative style is fantastic.

Luny: What inspires you to write and who are your influences?

Ashëly Morte: Depression and mania seem to inspire my writing the most. The angst just bleeds out of me when I’m miserable, might as well put it on paper. Rimbaud, Poe and Anne Rice heavily influenced my style.
Ashëly Morte2

Luny: Is there one particular person you look up to in the scene? And if so, why?

Ashëly Morte: Raven Digitalis. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him and having him read my tarot cards. He has such a gentle soul and is so open-minded, I really admire him for everything that he does.

Luny: What are your favorite things to model in and places to take pictures at?

Ashëly Morte: I love avant-garde and edgier shoots. Anything that represents a dystopian future and vinyl.

Luny: Is there anything or anyone you would never take a picture of?

Ashëly Morte: I would never take a picture of another person without their consent.

Luny: What kind of person are you when you aren’t modeling. (hobbies, likes, dislikes etc)

Ashëly Morte: I’m moody. If I could make a living off of that, I’d be set for life, haha! I spend a ridiculous amount of time and money on makeup – as I’ve discovered that applying makeup is the one time that my brain finally shuts off. It’s like meditation for me. I love to watch supernatural themed shows/movies. I rather enjoy going to goth nights and dancing – it’s a form of self-expression I can’t get anywhere else. But to be totally honest, I’m mastering the art of becoming a hermit these days.

Ashëly Morte3

Luny: If you could take a picture anywhere in the world, with anyone, where and with who would it be?

Ashëly Morte: One of those black-sanded desolate beaches in Iceland with my husband.

Luny: As people often get stereotyped for not looking the norm, have you ever found yourself judging someone else?

Ashëly Morte: Oh definitely, I’m a major Judge Judy about the Neck Beard Uniform

Luny: Finally, do you have any shoutouts you’d like to give or a website you’d like to plug?

Ashëly Morte:

Now that you’ve seen and read a little about Ashëly Morte, I encourage you to go check out her blog and read a few of her poems. You may do so by clicking here.

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