Maria Katharina

Dresden Germany, home to celebrated art museums, Glücksgas Stadium, Zwinger Palance, Dresden Cathedral, and many more famous and eye catching things. But it is also home to our next Gothic Model whom I had the pleasure to interview. She is far from new to the world of Alternative & Gothic modeling, and has made quite a name for herself. With over 120k likes & follows on her Facebook page, she has been featured in many things. Here are just some of her achievements:

      March 2013 Model for Gothic Fashion Shop Abaddon in Dresden
      May 2013 Model for Flyer WGT / Dark Flower
      July 2015 Dancer for Wacken / Wrestling
      June 2016 Calendar Shooting Bikes & Girls 2017
      December 2016 Calendar Shooting Bikes & Girls 2018
      June 2017 Calendar shooting for Autowerkstatt in Dresden
      July 2017 Model for Lldesaxe Fashion Latex Shop with Interview MDR

Who is this woman you may ask? Well, none other than Maria Katharina!

Maria Katharina

Luny: Please tell everyone your modeling name, age, and where you’re from.

Maria Katharina: my name is Maria Katharina, I am 24 years old, and come from Dresden / Germany

Luny: Describe for everyone exactly what kind of model you’d consider yourself and why.

Maria Katharina: I model in the look gothic, lacquer, leather, latex =)
Maria Katharina 2
Luny: Do you have any favorite outfits or places to take pictures?

Maria Katharina: I love my harness, and everything about clothes from Killstar, my favorite shooting place would be if I could choose Iceland, but too far away. Otherwise stop Dresden where I live

Luny: Who have been some of your favorite people you’ve gotten to work with?

Maria Katharina: Sven weingartner, Werner Aust, Klaus Kremtz as a photographer and I love working with LLdesaxe (Latex manufaktor Dresden)

Luny: Who do you think has helped you the most with your modeling and why?

Maria Katharina: No one, I myself =)
Maria Katharina 3
Luny: Apart from modeling, what are some other things you love to do?

Maria Katharina: I like to go to the cinema, visit cocktail bars, shopping, concerts.

Luny: What is something you feel that often gets misinterpreted by people who don’t know you?

Maria Katharina: I laugh about it if I do not like the people then it’s ok, but I do not like it when I’m called a bitch .. everyone who knows me knows that I am a love and decent person
Maria Katharina 4
Luny: How do you think things are different in the alternative/gothic scene today than they were say 10 years ago?

Maria Katharina: So I have to say I have only experienced the Gothic times as it is now, but when people tell me about the way the scene was, it seems to have changed

Luny: Can you recommend for our readers, a great movie you’ve watched or a good book you’ve read lately. And if, explain why.

Maria Katharina: As a book I recommend: lukas 4 years hell and back, it is a book from the year 1995, which depicts the allegedly authentic experiences of a youth in the circle of organized satanists or devil worshipers. And a movie: Deadpool because he is funny and I love his sayings

Luny: What do you value the most in life and why?

Maria Katharina: I appreciate the life very much, I enjoy every moment, and am glad to be healthy right now

Maria Katharina 5
Luny: Do you have anyone you’d like to say thank you to, or do you have any websites you’d like to mention?

Maria Katharina: I would like to thank all of you for reading my interview and my fans who support me and support my work. Big thanks to LLdesaxe, DarkinCloset, Devilnightuk

If you’d like to find out more about Maria, you may follow her on her Facebook page at:

and her Instagram:

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