Magda Corvinus

Transyivania, Romania is where this multi talented beautiful soul resides at. Magda Corvinus is 28 and is a model and photographer with quite the impressive portfolio.

Luny: What is your modeling name, age, and where you are from?
Magda Corvinus: My ‘name’ is Magda Corvinus, I’m 28 and I’m from Transilvania (Romania)

Magda Corvinus
Magda Corvinus

Luny: Have you always identified as being Gothic or were you something else previously?
Magda Corvinus: I was always attracted to the dark side, ever since I was a kid. I grew up with horror movies, gothic literature and all that. But I was more into the metal scene. I only started listening to gothic music and reading books about the goth subculture a few years ago. I’m now into both worlds I guess.

Luny: What is your most memorable experience of encountering both hate and love within the gothic community?
Magda Corvinus: There is not much of a gothic community where I live. Generally I find goths to be very friendly, I keep in touch with people from all over the world trough social media and I love the fact that we are connected and view the world so similar no mater the country or social background. I’m happy to say that I haven’t had any memorable bad experience within the community… for now hahaha

Luny: Is there one particular person whom you absolutely can not stand within the gothic community?
Magda Corvinus: No, I don’t think there is… can’t think of anyone.

Magda Corvinus2
Magda Corvinus2

Luny: When choosing your wardrobe and location to be photographed at, what goes through your mind?
Magda Corvinus: All kinds of stuff: how I want to do my make-up, how should I style the clothing and accessories, what would be an appropriate location, poses, light, edit, what do I want to be the vibe of the photo etc. I do everything myself so all the responsibility is on me and sometimes it can be stressful but at the same time very rewarding if I like the result. My only focus is to do something that I like, I never think about what others might want to see.

Luny: What are your long term goals as far as future, career, job etc?
Magda Corvinus: Move from the city I currently live in to be a bit closer to my family, turn my little shop into a legit business, work with more cool designers, get better at photography, modeling and makeup to create higher quality content and help the gothic community as much as I can.

Luny: What do you consider to be your biggest flaws and greatest qualities?
Magda Corvinus: Flaws? A lot hahaha. Most notable my overthinking and stubbornness. My biggest qualities I think are my righteousness and resilience.

Luny: What terrifies you the most?
Magda Corvinus: Heights and children hahaha

Magda Corvinus3
Magda Corvinus3

Luny: Would you consider yourself someone with a great influence over others, and if so, why?
Magda Corvinus: Yes and no. I’m not trying to influence anybody, I’m not a social person and I don’t have leadership qualities or anything like that. I do however think I sometimes inspire people, hopefully in a good way. I try to be a good example, a decent human being that my followers and friends can look up to.

Luny: Finally, do you have any shoutouts you’d like to give or websites you’d like to plug?
Magda Corvinus: Shoutout to my boyfriend who sometimes helps me with taking photos.
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