Kuro hana

We have a great interview for you tonight. She isn’t what you’d call an amateur in the world of modeling. Since she first began back in 2012, has been published in magazines, completed about 100 photo shoots and collaborated with designers & shops.

Why who is this mystery girl? I’ll give you a hint. She comes from France. No idea? Well let me just come out and say it. It’s the French Alternative Model Kuro hana! And here’s the interview she did for us. Enjoy!

Kuro hana

Luny: How did you get the modeling name Kuro Hana and what does it mean exactly?

Kuro hana: Kuro hana means “black flower” in Japanese, as I am a fan of Japanese culture and mangas, I thought that this name corresponded well to my personality and my style.

Luny: Can you tell us a little about yourself growing up? What was life like?

Kuro hana: Since childhood, I have always been creative and dreamy. I loved being in my bubble, in my world … growing up, I had a lot of difficulties with the others at the school which rejected me and humiliated me without stop because I was different from them and more shy. I always took refuge in my passions. My life was not always easy, ups and downs.

Kuro Hana

Luny: How did you get started as an alternative model and was it difficult?

Kuro hana: I started slowly as a model and I affirmed myself more and more. I found photographers interested in my style and encouraged me to continue in this direction. It is not always easy to evolve in this environment, you have to hang on and persevere

Luny: What sort of publications and achievements have you accomplished so far with your modeling?

Kuro hana: I did a lot of photo shoots, almost a hundred. I collaborated with designers and shops. I was published and interviewed in magazines.

Kuro Hana

Luny:. What has been the most hateful thing someone has said or done to you currently while being a model?

Kuro hana: The worst thing that was done to me as a model was a photographer who seriously insulted me about my style and my freedom to express myself during my shootings and he also had disrespectful and sexist remarks to my person.

Luny: Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating new photo shoots?

Kuro hana: I find many ideas thanks to mangas, video games, film, outfits that inspire me…

Luny: Is there any place you would never want to do a photo shoot?

Kuro hana: I do not want to make pictures in really ugly and uninteresting places

Kuro Hana

Luny: What do you see yourself doing in the future with your modeling work?

Kuro hana: I do not think too much about the future, but I would like to be able to accomplish great projects and be able to make beautiful encounters, trips also and collaborate for brands, shops that I love!

Luny: What is the most intelligent question you’ve ever had a fan ask you?

Kuro hana: I was sometimes asked good questions but one in particular, I do not know

Kuro Hana

Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say thank you to or any websites you’d like to mention?

Kuro hana: I would like to thank all but really all the people who support me, who believe in me and encourage me for the future. All the photographers and models with whom I shared good moments too. There are many people for whom I have recognition … it makes me hot in to heart.

Be sure to visit her on FB and IG:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/pg/KuroHanaModel/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/kurohanamodel/

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