Jenny Biatch

Ahhhh Lithuania. Strong culture, kick ass music, majestic landscapes, and much more that make up this worldly renown country. What more could you want? How about some beautiful and talented women? Maybe one who goes by the name Jenny Biatch? Yes please! Here’s our next interview:

Jenny Biatch

Luny: Can you tell everyone what prompted you to create the stage name JennyBiatch?

Jenny Biatch: This name has a little story behind it. I was acting in a play called “The Threepenny Opera” and my role was Low-Dive Jenny, a character based on Jenny Diver (a notorious British pickpocket, one of the most famous of her day). My character was an owner of a brothel, she was a strong, beautiful woman, no man could resist her.

In a play Jenny gives Mackie, her former lover, shelter from the police, but she is jealous of his wife. Eventually, she tips off the police, who catch Mackie and take him to his hanging. One of the main songs in the play says that Jenny likes to have Mackie’s fate in her hands. Although, she regrets her decision when she sees Mackie on a gallows.

I did not like this part of her character. My Jenny would have shown Mackie her jealousness a little bit differently. That’s why I changed her last name to Biatch. To add a little bit more naughtiness.
Jenny Biatch

Luny: I noticed you are also a photographer. What are some of your favorite things to shoot and what do you use for your equipment?

Jenny Biatch: I love to make portraits. This is my main thing right now. I used to take photos of landscapes but I got bored pretty quickly. I like dynamics. The feeling when you meet new people and you try to capture their emotions, their characters.

My professor once told me that in photograph you are no longer you, in a photograph you see how the photographer sees you. And that’s true. I use a DSLR camera just because it lets me to move along with my models. Sometimes we run around the city and that’s why I need a fast camera.

Luny: What has modeling been like since you started? The good and the bad?

Jenny Biatch: A colorful experience, haha. So far modeling for me is very fun thing to do. Of course, there are some days when you are so tired that not even the make up can help you look better. Or sometimes some photographer drives you nuts by not showing for two hours.

But I’m so happy to meet all those photographers, make up artists etc. I have an opportunity to see how they work and learn from them. I more than happy. This is also very benefitial for me as a photographer. I learn how my models feel in front of the camera and I can help them to feel more comfortable.

Jenny Biatch

Luny: Favorite kind of tattoo’s and motorcycles?

Jenny Biatch: As for tattoo’s I like realistic style. And I love colors. I have one on my thigh, a Cheshire cat made by Damiano Lucidi (check him out on instagram). In Lithuania we have a lot of great tattoo artists with different styles. They taught me to admire all tattoo styles by making them really professionally.

As for motorcycles.. hehe, I like them big. I fell in love with KTM 1900 adventure. Big and powefull. Also, how can I not mention Harley Davison Classics.

Luny: What do you feel has been the worse sort of criticism you’ve received so far and by whom?

Jenny Biatch: Ironically, the worst sort of criticism comes from my friends. Especially guys. Some of them doesn’t take me seriously. “You show too much, you’re showing not enough, how can you have so many followers without showing your tits, oh wait here’s one, yaay, boobs”. It’s funny, of course, but not always.

Luny: If you had the chance to do a collab with another famous model, who would it be and why?

Jenny Biatch: Darya Goncharova!! She is my inspiration, I love her photos and I love her style. She’s just perfect. Also Dani Divine because she is the first alt model that I have learned about. I have one cute selfie with her from the festival but a photoshoot together would be the dream come true. And I would really love to do a collab with Shaltmira. She is an artist in general so I think our collaboration would be crazy as hell.

Jenny Biatch

Luny: What is life like living in Lithuania? Can you explain it for someone who lives in the US? The good and bad?

Jenny Biatch: Was expecting this question. Well, I haven’t been in the US yet so I can’t compare. I must say that Lithuania is quite small country in Europe, like a tiny mouse footprint on the map. We have a very rich nature, our cities are very green.

It’s really good for photo shoots. You can find a nice park near your home almost everywhere. People may look sad but they are very friendly actually. Most of us speak English so you can come here without any worries and see for yourself. Lithuanians are very welcoming.

Luny: 20 years from now, where do you see yourself?

Jenny Biatch: I have noticed that if you expect less, you gain more. I can’t tell you where I will be tomorrow, so I can’t imagine what’s going to be after 20 years. But one thing I know for sure. A quote from John Lennon “when I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life”. So absolutely same here. No matter where I will be after 20 years, I hope I will be happy.

Luny: I see you adore kittens. What sort of kitten items do you own?

Jenny Biatch: Oh yes, meow, I do. At this moment my only kitten item is my kitty Dorian, he is only five months old now. But recently I saw a website called and I literally squeaked. That site is just cuteness over 9000. Those ears are so adorable. I’m dying to have at least one pair… and a collar…. and a tail…. you get the point.

Jenny Biatch

Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say thank you to or any websites you’d like to mention?

Jenny Biatch: Firstly, I must say thanks to all my friends, to my sisters and my lovers who made me believe that I’m beautiful too. That I can do this. Love you guys.

To my very first photographer Marija (fb: Devyniaragio kelionė). Girl, without you I wouldn’t have started all this. And my second photographer Tomas (fb: Šimtaspalvis photography). Without you I wouldn’t go THAT crazy.
Huge thanks to my friend Vytautas who helps me with self advertising. And of course to all of my fans <3 My facebook:
My instagram:

My portfolio as a photographer:

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