How to make Gothic jewelry at home

While browsing the net for more great Gothic DIY’s to shae with you, I came across a post by the author Angana Gohain Barua. She gives a great detailed guide on how to make your own Gothic Jewelry at home using a few basic items.

Here’s a little of the article followed by a link to view the full guide.

How To Make Gothic Jewellery At Home Using Simple Products

How To Make Gothic Jewellery At Home

When it comes to gothic jewelry, you don’t really have to search here and there for the best ones. The good thing about gothic jewelry is that, it is the easiest to make too. Just a few instructions here and a few supplies there, you will have some of the finest DIY gothic jewelry in town!
Let’s Become Gothic Jewellery Designers And Make Some Best Gothic Jewelry

Time to begin and learn how to make gothic jewellery at home!
1. Stud It Out

The most important parts of any gothic outfit are studs. You need to have studs in almost everything. So, let’s take the easiest one and go with a studded belt.

What You Need:

Any plain, wide and black belt
Some studs (which are available in any hardware shop). Make sure that you buy the same sized studs or if you have some design in mind, you can choose all different sizes.

How to Make:

Lay down your belt on a flat surface and arrange all your studs on the belt. You can go crazy with any design or you can also the studs in a simple form.
If you are finding it difficult to attach the studs on the belt, you can easily use pliers for attaching them properly

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