Deadly Doll

I finally got a reply back from the very busy Sonja Garcia aka Deadly Doll! She has just recently moved and was unable to get back in touch with me regarding her interview. I’m happy to hear that the move went well and she’s back online!

The lovely Deadly Doll is an avid traveler, painter, drawing, and photographer. Her travels have taken her to Austria, England, Germany, and Italy in regards to her studying. She’s also been to Berlin and Munich, where she did two internships for digital painting, drawing, and photography. Busy busy!

Here is her interview!

Deadly Doll

Luny: Can you tell everyone what your modeling name is?

Deadly Doll: Deadly Doll or Sonja Deadly Doll

Luny: Have you always identified as being Gothic or were you something else previously?

Deadly Doll: I like the gothic style since I were very young.I started listening gothic bands watching films and reading romantic literature.

Deadly Doll

Luny: What is your most memorable experience of encountering both hate and love within the gothic community?

Deadly Doll: The most memorable experience is going the first time to Madrid to gothic discos with strange people but very nice and kind, also going to concerts of my favorite bands and could meet them in person. The worst experience I could say meeting posers or people that think that they are superior only because they wear gothic clothes.

Luny: Is there one particular person whom you absolutely can not stand within the gothic community?

Deadly Doll: As I said before, I cannot stand snobs and posers, people that believe that they are better than you only because they wear gothic clothes.

Deadly Doll

Luny: When choosing your wardrobe and location to be photographed at, what goes through your mind?

Deadly Doll: I love nature so I prefer forests, parks and nice landscape. Choosing my wardrobe I love velvet clothing.

Luny: What are your long term goals as far as future, career, job etc?

Deadly Doll: To become a gothic model and work for gothic shops, to work as an art teacher and travel around the world.

Luny: What do you consider to be your biggest flaws and greatest qualities?

Deadly Doll: I have to improve my self-steem and self confidence. My better quality is my creativity.

Deadly Doll

Luny: What terrifies you the most in life?

Deadly Doll: To be unhappy.

Luny: Would you consider yourself someone with a great influence over others, and if so, why?

Deadly Doll: Yes, I think I am a great influence over my followers and my pupils, I love to transmit my feelings on my pictures and teach others my knowledge.

Deadly Doll

Luny: Finally, do you have any shoutouts you’d like to give or websites you’d like to plug?

Deadly Doll: Yes of course

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I hope you like and enjoy my work. Thanks!

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