Chloe Megan

I do believe this next person is the first ever makeup artist we have had featured here on And I bet you just thought we interviewed models eh? Nope! Chloe Megan current works NYX Professional Makeup UK & Ireland, and recently I contacted her requesting an interview. Here is what she provided me with.

Chloe Megan

Luny: Please tell everyone your name and location.
Chloe Megan: My name is Chloe Megan and i live in the uk.

Luny: What ever made you want to become a makeup artist and why?
Chloe Megan: I was 11 in my first year if secondary school, sat in class putting on my clear lip gloss like the cool girls do but I got caught by a teacher and she said “Chloe this isn’t a makeup lesson you know! Put away the gloss” and from then I thought I don’t want anyone telling me when and where I can do my makeup. So really that one little moment pushed me to do what I want to do and from then on I was expressive with my makeup.

Chloe Megan

Luny: What are some of your favorite colors and materials to work with for makeup?
Chloe Megan: At the moment I love anything dark and gothic. So I use a lot of purples and dark reds combined with blacks. I am loving the texture of liquid lipsticks at the moment. I find they are a really diverse product that can be used on any part of the face, in the right way.

Luny: Who has been a great help in teaching or mentoring you with your profession?
Chloe Megan: I am a qualified makeup artist from training in college straight after school. But my biggest influence in makeup is Alex box. I love her use of texture and the way she experiments with make up.

Luny: What would you say is the hardest part about doing makeup?

Chloe Megan: In my opinion the hardest part is the finishing touches. I’m a perfectionist so am not happy till I know it’s 100% perfect in my eyes.

Chloe Megan & Her Partner Tom

Luny: Does cheaper makeup really do well when put up against expensive makeup?
Chloe Megan: In some cases cheaper make up can be amazing! But I find that you do get What you pay for with make up. And some of the more expensive luxury brands do a lot more research into their ingredients which really pays off in the end result.

Luny: Are there any makeup products you would strongly recommend our readers do not buy/support/use?
Chloe Megan: Anything cruelty free! The science behind makeup is so superior nowadays compared to how it was years ago, there’s really no excuse to support brands that still carry on with this pointless act of testing on animals. Some cruelty free brands I’m loving at the moment are NYX professional makeup, it’s an inexpensive makeup brand that is 100% cruelty free and has every type of makeup products anyone could ask for. Another cruelty free brand I adore is Kat Von D beauty! The style of makeup they produce is dark and quite gothic and I love the pigmentation in their eyeshadows.

Chloe Megan

Luny: What would you consider the worst makeup job you’ve ever done was?
Chloe Megan: Not every makeup i do will be perfect for everyone as I have a specific style. I try my hardest to please but sometimes not everyone can be so understanding.

Luny: Aside from doing makeup, what else do you like?
Chloe Megan: I love going to gigs and festivals! Me and my other half try and book a gig every month and are always listening to music while we get ready for nights out!

Chloe Megan & Her Partner Tom

Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say thanks to or a website you’d like to plug?
Chloe Megan: I’d like to say thank you to my partner Tom, he inspires me everyday to be a happier and more creative person. He helps me push my boundaries and look at myself and my work in a more positive way.

In terms of websites I’d like to promote, I’d have to say If anyone is looking to convert their makeup kit to cruelty free, definitely check out NYX professional makeup, I can’t recommend the brand enough!
Thanks for this opportunity xx

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