Chiron Pasdeloup

I bet you thought we only interviewed females here at lunysworld eh? Think again! We finally got our first male model interview and i’m stoked for this guy. He’s just starting out in the world of Gothic modeling, but from what I can see, he’s doing great! Chiron Pasdeloup is his name and we’re happy he agreed to this interview.

Chiron Pasdeloup

Luny: Where does the name Chiron Pasdeloup come from? It’s meaning and origins?

Chiron Pasdeloup: My name originates from Greek mythology, it was the name of a great healer, a centaur. Also a planet discovered in 1977 is called Chiron. My last name is french, though I am dutch myself. We have a family crest so our ancestors are most likely highborns but I am not sure since I don’t know much about my family’s history.

Luny: How long have you been modeling for and what made you want to start?

Chiron Pasdeloup: I have been modelling for a few months now, since March. My girlfriend (who is also my photographer) has been doing it for a while and she said I should go on with this, since we met at my first shoot ever. Also many people around me said that I should try it because they thought I look good but back then I didn’t really thought about it seriously.

Chiron Pasdeloup

Luny: What has been your toughest challenge so far with your modeling?

Chiron Pasdeloup: The toughest challenge so far was getting my first solo collaboration. If you are not really recognized in the world of alternative modelling it might be hard to get a collaboration but all it takes is one promoter and it will help you out a lot for getting the next collaboration because you already worked with one store for example.

Chiron Pasdeloup

Luny: Do you think male models get the credit they deserve or do you feel they are hardly recognized in the world?

Chiron Pasdeloup: Yea, male models definitely get the credit they deserve, even though there aren’t as many as female models. Perhaps that is the entire reason; because there are a lot of female models it is way harder to stand out and for male models it is easier since there are way less.

Luny: Aside from modeling, what other things do you enjoy doing on a daily basis?

Chiron Pasdeloup: I love playing games. The Witcher 3, Diablo 3, Total War: Warhammer and Hearthstone are some of my favorites. I also enjoy watching movies or series such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Vikings. I also love to be creative with making art, I draw a lot, work on photoshop a bit and I love to make stuff. Being physically active is also always a great pleasure. I am full of energy so going out hiking in the mountains, climbing or working out are great ways to let it all out.

Chiron Pasdeloup

Luny: If you had to give up modeling tomorrow, what would you be doing instead?

Chiron Pasdeloup: Probably I would improve my creative skills more and more to do something with them. I wanted to be a game artist as a kid but I also love photography itself so probably my path would go in that direction.

Luny: Do you feel like your style could change in the future, and if so why?

Chiron Pasdeloup: Depends if my preference of clothes will change, if that is what you mean. But I won’t change it to a “hipster” or “hip-hop” kind of style, that is not my thing. It will always be in this circle of alternative clothing, whether it be with dark prints or hand-made viking clothing for example.

Luny: Have you begun to work on your own personal brand to add to your modeling and perhaps market it?

Chiron Pasdeloup: Not yet, but I did have plans for it so it might be a good idea to start realizing it. I don’t know yet how I will do it but it’s definitely something that would add something extra to my life and work.

Luny: What is one thing you feel people do not understand or are ignorant to, when it comes to your modeling?

Chiron Pasdeloup: Not specifically to my modelling but in general, I think people think too lightly about it. Like it’s “just posing for a picture and that’s it”. Modelling is about having a creative vision on how to represent the clothing that you are wearing and finding your own kind of style in doing so. Also, don’t forget the photographer’s edit work, let alone taking a good picture.

Chiron Pasdeloup

Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say thank you to or any websites you’d like to mention?

Chiron Pasdeloup: I would like to thank my photographer and girlfriend Joan Wolfie for always taking such good shots of me and for her amazing edit work. You can check her photography work on her fanpage: . Also, I would like to thank the clothing stores that make my work possible, especially Alchemy Gothic, New Rock Australia and to Mr S Timmy Hog for letting me use his awesome armor for pictures. And of course I thank everyone that likes my work for their support. Cheers guys!

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