From far far away, our next model hails from Poland. And we have much love for our polish people and the talented models they keep producing! Arytiuel is her name and she managed to get in touch with me and was down to do an interview. Enjoy!


Luny: I am curious as to your name “Arytiuel” as I have never heard it before. Where does it come from and what does it mean?

Arytiuel: I used to be different, Lizzy Cure.Lizzy from one of Lizzy Devine’s favorite vocalists from Vains of Jenna and the band “The Cure”, which I once cherished and passionately listened to. Fortunately this time has passed, Aritiuel was once the equivalent of demonic Lilith.
And as we well know a lot of girls give her a name. I identify with her.

Luny: I see you are also a singer in two metalcore bands? Sleep Since The April and Drugstore Crisis? How did you get started with those and what’s that like?


Arytiuel: In general, my adventure with music started faster than modeling. My debut was in elementary school. In the gymnasium I was growling up in another band – “Dramatica” with whom I spent 5 years. Later I learned screaming and classical singing. I was fascinated by such bands as Xsandria or Epica.

At the end of high school I belonged to two groups “Alternative” and “Fear of harmony”. Unfortunately the adventure ended here quickly.At the end of 2016 I joined the guys from “Sleep since the april”. They played perfectly, they played like I wanted the team to act. I was enchanted but unfortunately we are now in crisis and we do not know if we will return to the stage as we return. “Drugstore Crisis” is an incredibly funny story that started this year in July. We will be happy to share it with the boys.

Luny: What is the main reason you got started modeling in the first place?
Arytiuel: Honestly, I do not know. I’ve always been an artist, a lot of media attention, writing through singing and modeling and sometimes even sewing. I guess I owe a little to push on to the front of the band where I was supposed to sing. He was also a photographer.


Luny: Can you describe your personality for us please?
Arytiuel: I am very characteristic, temperamental and stubborn. I’m aiming for the dead sometimes. But I am also very sensitive and loyal.

Luny: Do you follow world news or politics? Any comments on certain things happening in the world today?
Arytiuel: Tracking. I believe that you have to have the basics at least. Unfortunately, I doesn’t comment on what is happening now. In my opinion, the world is slowly moving toward self-destruction.

Luny: I see you also write? What sort of things do you write and what inspires you to do so?
Arytiuel: My greatest inspiration was the poetry of Edgar Alan Poe and Witkacy (Ingacy Stanislaw Witkiewicz). It is dark and soaked with truth. I regret to say that I will never be so good but as they leave after “Non omnis moriar”

Generally speaking, if I write it is fantastic. I hid a sense. Maybe I will be able to publish a book sometime, I hope you will not forget about Arytiuel and read anything?


Luny: If asked to travel internationally for your modeling, where would you love to go?
Arytiuel: If I had such an opportunity, of course I would ask for my beloved country – Finland. There is no other country <3

Luny: What is something you never saw yourself doing in life but you want to do it anyways?
Arytiuel: I need a risk and adrenaline. So I want to jump from bungee.

Luny: What has been the most odd or bizarre request you’ve received so far from a fan of your work?
Arytiuel: hahahahaha There were plenty of them. I usually get a lot of immoral suggestions.

But one got stuck in my head and I remembered it for the rest of my life. Guy wanted me to be hot and he would do well.


Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say thank you to or any websites you’d like to mention?
Arytiuel: I would like to thank a very strong man who withstands my dilemmas and gives me encouragement – my fiancé Bartosz. He is a cook and a model. I would also like to thank the family although they do not treat my hobby seriously.

Thank you Alicia Szklarz for the incredible collaboration with her company “Black Batcave” and Magdalena Rutkowska for great pictures.

I also thank “Drugstore Crisis” for restoring my belief in myself.All photo I was send you by Aneta Pawska, Magdalena Rutkowska and Katarzyna Mikołajczak.

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